With the advent of time iPhones are getting popular among students, business people and even entrepreneurs. This is also leading to the substantial development of the mobile app design services. It is required to ensure that we are having the right combination of apps in our device to have the most productive output. This will help us in ensuring that all the subtasks are managed properly thereby helping us to deliver the best productivity in a particular operation.

As iPhones are getting popular, numbers of different kinds of applications are developed by a number of developers on this platform. This makes it difficult for us to select a right application for a particular task as numbers of applications performing the same operation are available. It will require you to try out all the available applications and make the right choice from them.

Best Free Apps available for iPhone in 2018

We have made a comprehensive list of the applications available in iPhones here after their careful examination of the applications. It will help us in ensuring that we are able to select the right application and able to accomplish the desired task with minimum issues being faced.

  1. AnyDo: There are a number of activities with which we are involved daily. It is required to keep track of all the activities in order to ensure that we are able to complete all the activities on time without facing any issues. One should have a proper planner for that to ensure that they are getting reminded of the activities which they are required to perform time to time. AnyDo is an application where you can arrange all your tasks in a proper manner. This will even help you to have a balance between the personal life, family life and also work life.
  2. Spotify: It is common to find a large number of people fond of music. If you are a music lover then this application will greatly help you to fulfil your desire to have a decent music at your place. One will also get a ready-made playlist in this application to choose from. This will help you to play your favourite songs anytime as per your convenience. It is also possible to download this music for listening them offline. The sound quality which you will receive in this application is excellent as compared to other applications.
  3. Cameo: We are taking numerous videos in our daily lives. It is important to ensure that we have a proper video editing application which can effectively edit our videos and make them ready for our usage. Even it will help you to use different kinds of soundtracks, themes and also the filters which you can utilize for your application over the video which you have taken for editing.
  4. Twitch: Are you fond of playing video games? Then this platform is most suitable for you. It provides a unique opportunity to view the recorded gameplay and also live streaming of various games. Even you can have a live streaming of the game which you like. This will help you to build your own community of people who are having a common interest in playing a particular game.
  5. Open Table: If you are fond of trying different types of food then this application is useful for you. This application will allow you to make numerous reservation of the restaurant around you. About 43,000 restaurants from across the globe have partnered with this application. It will make your selection of the right restaurant easier.


Thus, we can say that there are a number of applications available for performing a particular task which varies based on the mobile app design services which they have selected. One should select the one which is capable of performing a particular function effectively. The applications discussed here are capable of performing their operation in the best possible manner in their respective field.