Not so long ago (on January 2012), I’ve written about the Secret Google Weather API. Surprisingly, few days ago, Google decided to secretly shut down the Google Weather API entirely.

Many developers (including myself) who were relying on the free Google Weather API were left hanging in the air and began looking for a proper alternative to the free Google weather API .

My requirements for the Google Weather API alternative were as follows:

  •  The API should provide existing weather conditions for a given city name / coordinates.
  • International (should support at least the main cities world wide)
  • Should support at least 3 days weather forecast.
  • And last but not least… should be 100% FREE!

My personal hunt for an alternative for the Google Weather API took about an hour,  and I came up with the following findings…

  1.– very nice projects with a free & open API that will let you retrieve the existing weather conditions in every country in the world
    PROs: absolutely free
    CONS: doesn’t seem to support weather forecastsSample JSON response:
    PROs: includes city weather reports (including forecasts).
    CONs: there’s a cap of 500 call per day (plus 10 per minute) for the free plan.API :
  3.  weather service from the Norwegian Meteorological Institute ( and the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation.
    PROs: Free, 6 millions including 3 days weather forecastAPI: translation)
    I haven’t tested this service, but it looks promising…
    PROs: free including 3 days weather forecast.
    CONs: owners request developers not to excess 500 requests per hour (see FAQ:

I’m sure there are many more alternatives that I haven’t covered… so if you are familiar with another 100% FREEservice, please post a comment.